J-CUT 60 Li from JAGUAR

J-CUT 60 Li from JAGUAR

J-CUT 60 Li from JAGUAR 1073 700 NEWS

The J-CUT 60 Li is a professional trimmer with battery and mains operation features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery with an extremely long life of four hours.

The powerful, fast high-performance motor with three speeds (5000 to 7000 RPM) and intelligent constant speed adjustment works for a long time and reliably, regardless of hair thickness. At the same time, the J‑CUT 60 Li promises low-vibration, extremely quiet and comfortable working.

The titanium-coated cutting plate of high-quality stainless steel with moving ceramic blade and convenient motor-controlled four-level cut length adjustment (approx. 1.0–1.9 mm) is supplemented by four attachment combs (3/6/9/12 mm).

The J-CUT 60 Li professional trimmer features a battery status light in the LCD display and a control light showing when it needs to be oiled. Charge time is 3 hours.

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J-CUT 60 – An elegant powerhouse at 7000 RPM