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Natural curls

COSY CURL – JAGUAR’s oval-shaped professional curling iron The COSY CURL oval-shaped professional curling iron from JAGUAR is perfect for creating natural curls, glamorous Hollywood waves, and undone looks. Ceramic/tourmaline-coated oval-shaped aluminum heating wand (diameter 26 x 40 mm) heats up fast. (1 minute 100°C, 3 minutes 200°C.) The temperature is easy to set in…

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JAGUAR products in sensuous, fruity berry color are making an appearance at salons. The PASTELL PLUS BERRY hairdressing scissors are available both in offset form and in a version with a traditional handle position.

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J-CUT 60 Li from JAGUAR 1073 700 NEWS

J-CUT 60 Li from JAGUAR

The J-CUT 60 Li is a professional trimmer with battery and mains operation features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery with an extremely long life of four hours. The powerful, fast high-performance motor with three speeds (5000 to 7000 RPM) and intelligent constant speed adjustment works for a long time and reliably, regardless of hair thickness. At…

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Care advice 1073 700 NEWS

Care advice

To guarantee yourself many years of great service from your hairstyling scissors, please read the following advice. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CARE INSTRUCTIONS. These days, it’s also more important than ever to observe hygiene rules. All our JAGUAR products can be cleaned according to these rules. As a basic principle, only use a disinfectant…

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Nature Inspired 1772 1204 NEWS

Nature Inspired

JAGUAR SILVER LINE scissors: Excellent sharpness, durability and cutting action. Ideal for slice cutting. Offset design and the angled thumb ring promise pure ergonomics –relaxed working throughout the working day. Innovative high-tech coating, perfected with an elegant finish. Provides additional protection for those with nickel allergy. Each gift box contains a matching JAGUAR pendant. Special…

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Eco XP Lithium – The Tireless 1536 1020 NEWS

Eco XP Lithium – The Tireless

The hair clipper ECO XP LITHIUM convinces with its elegant, classic design. The housing, which is produced from a single piece, which fits perfectly in the hand and the newly designed charging station offers plenty of storage space for the five attachment combs (4, 8, 12, 16, 20 mm). The long-lasting and efficient Li-Ion battery…

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Tondeo. You feel it. 540 720 NEWS

Tondeo. You feel it.

Tondeo stands for precision from tradition. Innovation with passion. They have been living out passion for over 90 years: They develop scissors and razors that are unique. Each product is of a high quality, unique and created through an exciting mixture of master craftsmanship and innovative technology. Each product is a synergy of scissors design,…

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JaguART – new collection featuring an urban lifestyle 1900 1262 NEWS

JaguART – new collection featuring an urban lifestyle

The JaguArt collection for 2020, “Big City Life,” focuses on four hip big cities, each one with its own culture and lifestyle – and thus a signature style. Now, for the first time, matching razors have been added to the JaguArt hairdressing scissor collection. As usual, all JaguART scissors have the cutting properties of the…

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Wild Trimming Precision 720 1280 NEWS

Wild Trimming Precision

The Barber-T Trimmer is the detail-loving sidekick for the Barber Clipper No. 1 – a machine for razor-sharp contours, spotless details and the final touch. It’s quality built and Made in Germany. Some of the best features: BATTERY POWER ≤ 80 MIN Quick charge battery. Ready to go immediately in cable mode. CLOSE CUT 0,3…

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Loving Coral 1000 1000 NEWS

Loving Coral

We are proud to present Jaguars new line of the famous pastell plus range in the new Loving Coral design. The scissors are made with high quality metallic coating to protect those with nickel allergy. For more information and orders contact us.

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